La Kinésiologie est une technique de gestion du stress, quelle que soit l’origine de ce stress.

Proceeding of a kinesiology session

lymphologieEvery consultation of kinesiology starts from an anamnesis (ethym.: “going back into memory”). It is a package of information gathered by the therapist with the help of the suffering person or his/her environment. It is like a historical report, the recollection of the symptoms and the research of the causes of the complaints of the patient in seek of help.
Then, the person is lying down comfortably, fully dressed.
Subsequently  the kinesiologist uses the Muscular Precision Test (first series of tests) on 14 muscles in consecution, each of them corresponding to 14 principal meridians in order to determine the energy failures.
Each meridian stands in a particular relation to an organ and an emotion. The muscle, tested “strong” or “weak” is indicative of energy that flows rightly or wrongly along the meridian at concerned.

Resetting  of energy is obtained through manual treatment (touch) of certain well-determined points, i.e. “neuro-lymphatic” and “neurovascular” points.
Then the energetic correction can be verified through a MTP-test that should prove “strong”.

Subsequently, the kinesiologist conducts a second series of tests to determine the excessive energy on certain meridians.
The correction is achieved by applying specific vibrations on each meridian.
The MTP (“strong”) allows to warrant a correct circulation of the energy.

For companies

For companies we advise information conferences on stress management, followed by formulating plans to cope with stress in ways geared to each of the employees.  

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