La Lymphologie, spécialité méconnue et pourtant si importante, est l’étude du système lymphatique.

Lymphology : definition

Lymphology, a medical speciality that in spite of its importance goes underestimated, is the study of the lymphatic system.

lymphologieHowever, this part of medicine enjoys a poor reputation worldwide since its dysfunctions do not provoke urgent pathology, and especially because of the apparent lack of interest of the pharmaceutical industry, merits a wider interest.

It is all about a drainage system that,  parallel to the veinous system, plays a prominent role in the domain of immunology and whose active involvement into the metastatic dissemination of tumorous cells needs no further evidence. This is why we are astonished about the lack of interest this lymphatic system is given by medical staff, and especially about the almost total absence of its instruction within the curriculum of medical and para-medical training programmes.
It is the patients who are the first to suffer from this situation: absence of prevention and/or of diagnostics, diagnostics that come overdue, treatments that are not, little or wrongly applied, sufferings of patients who feel greatly abandoned….
The Training Programmes in Lymphology we present here aim at addressing this whirlpool of misunderstanding of pathological manifestations of the lymphatic system.
These programmes include

  • A theoretical section

  • A practical section concerning the lymphatic-veinous-tissular manual drainage (LVTMD), a modern, upgraded version of the older manual lymphatic drainage which goes back to 1934. This new technique is effective, painless, antalgic and relaxing. It is very easy to handle by therapists.

Pedagogical objectives
To bring about

  • basic theoretical knowledge in lymphology (anatomy, physiology, pathologies, imaging)

  • the practice of lymphatic-veinous-tissular Manual Drainage

  • notions on sequential pressure therapy

  • notions on putting on multi-layered bandages.

The participants should be competent at

  • discovering a pathology of the lymphatic system;

  • explaining and presenting a treatment, if necessary, referring to a specialist in lymphology those  patients who suffer from pathologies that are related to the lymphatic system in general or at the level of their upper or lower  limbs, their trunk, head or neck.