La Kinésiologie est une technique de gestion du stress, quelle que soit l’origine de ce stress.

Kinesiology: definition

lymphologieKinesiology, optimised in the beginning of the sixties by a group of American chiropractors, including Dr. Georges Goodheart and Dr. John F. Thie, is a technique for managing stress, whatever its source.

It draws on the principles of the traditional Chinese medicine and helps optimise the circulation of energy along the meridians.

The working instrument at our disposal in the practice of “Touch for Health” is the Muscular Test of Precision (MTP).

Every single meridian is directly connected to a muscle, an organ and an emotion. The muscle which is tested to be “strong” or “weak” is indicative of the right or wrong way in which the energy circulates along the meridian concerned.

Resetting of energy is obtained through manual treatment (touch) of certain well-determined points, i.e. “neuro-lymphatic” and “neurovascular” points.

Subsequently the energetic correction can be verified through a MTP-test that should prove “strong”.
Kinesiology allows for maintaining the human being in good shape and balance through the harmonisation of the health-triad: the structure – the psychic – the biochemistry.

Since kinesiology is both preventive and therapeutic, it can apply in all domains where stress impedes optimal functioning, and it does so without any toxicity or inconvenient secondary effect.