La Lymphologie, spécialité méconnue et pourtant si importante, est l’étude du système lymphatique.

Methods of therapy in Lymphology


Patients who suffer from lymphatic pathologies (edema) are most of the time little, wrongly or not at all diagnosed.
When no specific treatment is being provided, the pathology remains and aggravates.
The lymphatic-veinous-tissular manual drainage is a modern improved version of the manual lymphatic drainage developed in 1934.
This new technique is effective, painless, antalgic and relaxing. It is very easy to handle by the physiotherapists.



Without this sequential pressotherapy the total duration of the treatment will be prolonged. pressotherapie sequentielle

  • The application of sequential pressotherapy before starting the lymphatic-veinous-tissular manual drainage facilitates the work of the physiotherapist, allows him to gain time and enables him to see more patients.  

  • This treatment, which is fully painless, is tolerated very well by patients. The total duration of the treatment is reduced and guarantees a better outcome as well. In the majority of cases the discomfort of the multi-layered bandages can be limited if not avoided.



pressotherapie sequentielleThe multi-layered bandages are:
- difficult to put and may cause lesion to the skin or clamp phenomena
- uncomfortable and at times unbearable when the weather is hot.
When the multi-layered bandages are used at the first stage of the treatment (while draining the edema), they are useful but not always in the long run. The cure needs to be repeated regularly.
It is necessary that practitioners have full command of the technique of putting bandages and are able to choose materials with discernment.



pressotherapie sequentielleCompressive clothes can cause discomfort or irritation of the skin, depending on the tissue used or the external temperature.
They are difficult to put on and are mentally hard to tolerate on the upper limb.
Compressive clothing allow to stabilise the edema between two courses of treatment with multi-layered bandages.



A failing life hygiene entails circulatory troubles at the level of the lower limbs along with edema and cellulite.

Overweight encourages edema to develop.

This is why it is indispensable to keep nutrition well-balanced, to avoid the use of salt, gluten and milk products as a contribution to a sound intestinal hygiene. A good psychological balance will be attained with help of the kinesiology. Superinfections must be prevented against and appropriate cutaneous hygiene is to be practised.